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RUral-uRBAN synergies

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(for strengthening the Rural-Urban synergies)
7 Rural-Urban Co-creation Labs established
1 Rural-Urban innovation framework produced
700+ Rural-Urban stakeholders
1 knowledge inventory


(Innovations for wellbeing and improved economy)
6 Rural-Urban enablers developed
6+ proposals funded through Open call
700+ Rural-Urban end-users


1 Community Store integrating all Rural-Urban enablers
1 Community of Practice Suite
3+ immersive applications for experimentation
700+ Rural-Urban end-users in virtual settings
28+ Rural-Urban immersive campaigns


6 participatory process workshops
6 capacity building workshops
20+ synergies other EU funded projects & initiatives
5+ synergies with New European Bauhaus projects
5+ synergies in the Rural-Urban Co-creation Labs


6 new innovative and sustainable business models
1 per service / technology
Rural - Urban


RURBANIVE will develop Rural-Urban Enablers – innovations in six domains known to favour bi-directional urban-rural synergies and building up well-being economies. Extended reality will be used to realize immersiveness and through an integrated platform that stores the main project results, the rural-urban stakeholders will be equipped with the appropriate tools to develop their cultural literacy and sensitivity in an inclusive setup supporting experimentation and innovation.


Ecosystem and biodiversity restoration

Improving logistics, and shortening value chains

User engagement, empowerment, society and territorial awareness

Culture, landscape and heritage access and promotion


Rural-Urban co-Creation Labs
7 Rural-Urban co-Creation Labs (RUCLs) established


Immersive Technologies

RURBANIVE’s immersive technologies revolutianize how the rural and urban environments interact.

Rural-Urban enablers will be integrated into a community store accessible via Rural-Urban immersiveness.

3 Extended Reality (XR) applications in Augmented and Mixed reality will be developed to be utilized by all 7 Rural-Urban Co-creation Labs where end-users get access to immersive campaigns with digital assets and storylines to better understand the function of the enablers and the outcomes of the proposed policies and models.

The layer of immersiveness will allow vivid realizations, what-if scenarios, and experimentation techniques in the rural-urban settings generating Rural-Urban synergies. Rural-urban actors and stakeholders will access policy roadmaps and recommendations and digital campaigns emerging from co-creating Rural-Urban Enablers and the Rural-Urban Co-creation Labs participatory processes. Access to the community store and Practice Suite will minimize the distances

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